From Obscurity to the Spotlight: The Rise of Gods Investiture in the Metaverse Realm
From the technological hotbed of Silicon Valley to the international stage, Gods Investiture is more than just a project name. It symbolizes an era where the metaverse fuses with artificial intelligence technology. Its growth isnt just about...
08-18 18:47
Exploring the Future of Industries with Blockchain Applications in Finance, Healthcare, and Real Estate
Home Blockchain Exploring the Future of Industries with Blockchain Applications in Finance, Healthcare, and Real Estate 3ACES INVESTING Investment simplified As the world becomes increasingly digitized, its no surprise that industries are e...
03-27 14:27
Coinbase and ChatGPT Team Up to Evaluate Cryptocurrencies
Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has announced a partnership withChatGPT,a language model trained by OpenAI, to help evaluate cryptocurrencies. The partnership aims to leverage the advanced natural languag...
03-27 14:25
Coinbase Leadership Team to Visit UK for Meetings with Policymakers, Regulators, and Crypto Community
Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that its leadership team will be visiting the United Kingdom to meet with policymakers, regulators, media, and members of the wider crypto communityin the coming weeks. The timing o...
03-27 14:22
US Dollar Is No Longer Too Big to Fail, Former Coinbase CTO Advocates BTC Over RMB As Successor
Balaji Srinivasan, an entrepreneur and former CTO of Coinbase, argues that the US dollar is no longer too big to fail, and he hopes that Bitcoin, rather than the Chinese yuan (RMB), will be the next currency to gain investors trust during t...
03-27 14:22
X2Y2 & OKX Web3 Wallet Cooperation
Today X2Y2 successfully integrated OKX Wallet web extension on their website/product. X2Y2 Background: Web: TVL: Top 2 NFT Marketplace Vision At X2Y2, we share a common goal: to create a truly decentralized NFT market that...
03-27 14:20
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